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Price of Zhengzhou town water will rise 5 years 3 times and take measure adjusti

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On March 29, how to sign up for a reporter to learn from government of Zhengzhou city people now: " price of Zhengzhou town water reforms scheme " had considered to pass, henceforth inside 5 years, zhengzhou water price will rise 3 times, at the same time Zhengzhou will take price of a series of water of measure adjusting control. MY | 5:UE, e`

Town water price adjusts Zhengzhou to begin from this year, make water price 5 every years adjust a program. 2005 first water price adjusts main in order to to make up for deficit of calendar year of water supply company to reach add cost element newly. 2007 Zhengzhou city will pursue the end of the year before price of water of type of a flight of stairs, dweller life water consumption is in every months 12 stere / door the following, carry out level of price of water of former resident life; Lunar water consumption is in 12 stere / door to 20 stere / cent of the Ministry of Revenue in feudal China, press the cost of water of 1.5 times collection of fundamental water price; Lunar water consumption is in 20 stere / door above part, press the cost of water of 2 times collection of fundamental water price. Pr6zX4YX&

Municipal government expended price of the swimming on the basis and water natural resources the circumstance 2009, cost of operation of company of water supply of strict examine and verify, adjust water price water supply enterprise to run the level that has certain profit. %ip9;7ux3

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