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Qingdao held price of urban water supply to adjust a hearing a few days ago

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On March 30 morning, price of concerned city water supply adjusts a hearing to be below the organization of bureau of Qingdao city price hold, delegate and citizens of 33 Qingdao city more than 20 audit of all trades and professions attended a hearing. Be opposite on the meeting water supply of water conservancy project (raw water) the adjustment of the price and tap water sale price plan undertakes hearing of witnesses, ask for a society each respect opinion. F9H9})f

On the hearing, bureau of Qingdao city irrigation works and group of Qingdao town tap water put forward to apply for to raise the application of raw water and tap water price. Among them, to resolve the situation of on the low side of active water price stage by stage, plan to use dweller life water price by active every stere is adjusted 1.6 yuan it is 2.5 yuan (contain sewage disposal to expend, similarly hereinafter) ; Use water to continue to implement price of water of type of a flight of stairs with the unit such as water and industrial and commercial enterprise to hotel restaurant, plan to unite adjust to water is used inside every stere base 3 yuan, the first gear outside base 3.5 yuan, the second gear outside base 4.1 yuan; In the meantime, plan to be added newly wash the bath, course of study that wash a car to be classified with water, cancel the price of water of a flight of stairs that implements so, protocol its are every stere with water price 6.2 yuan. `4ht9 ~ZQ

Additional, stipulate to hold civil administration the branch is issued first in plan " townsman lowest life guarantees testimony " difficult family implements price of water of type of a flight of stairs with water, namely every every months of water consumption is in of 5 stere less than, still press active valorize every stere is carried out 1.6 yuan; Every share that every months of water consumption exceeds 5 stere, its price plans to adjust it is 2.5 yuan. }Xc M-

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