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Hunan protects byelaw wetly (draft) referred a few days ago discuss

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Wet, of the earth that be called " kidney " . Wet ground and forest, ocean calls 3 big ecosystem. On March 31 morning, the member that standing committee of Hunan Province National People's Congress comprises a person is right " Hunan Province protects byelaw wetly (draft) " undertook deliberative. TIEr# ! FnMh

Hunan Province has wet area 5. Kilometer of 60 thousand square, 26 what occupy land gross area. 47 % . In 21 when include international collection of important wet place name in our country wet ground, hunan Province has east lake of hole front courtyard, south lake of hole front courtyard and on the west lake of hole front courtyard 3. Although I saved wet protective job to obtain a few result, but the question is very much still. It is wet ground is taken up, deposit, the area is smaller and smaller; 2 it is wet wild vivid plant is caught by hunt, collect, the amount is less and less, biology diversity drops; 3 it is wet pollution serious, water quality drops. egVxh%= "

According to existing law, code and spirit of relevant document of the State Council, byelaw (draft) regulation, wet protection executes forestry branch organization to coordinate, the administrative system that the sectional branch door such as natural resources of fishery, irrigation works, land, environmental protection implements. Byelaw (draft) basically take step from the many sided such as diversity of wet area, biology, water quality, species, strengthen the protection of pair of wet ground. Using a field wetly, byelaw (draft) basically emphasize development using wet resource, must hold to economic progress and wet protective photograph to coordinate, maintain wet ecological balance, must not exceed wet resource recovery capability, must not destroy wild vivid floral to live environment, do not get do sth without authorization to take up wet ground perhaps changes wet use. Encourage according to wet protective overall planning reasonable development uses wet resource. (FXxJw! [R

The executive principal part that protects wetly management system decided this byelaw is much branch. Accordingly, byelaw (draft) the duty that stipulated legal laws and regulations investigates illegal action related concerned branch according to. k2mCydl

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