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Appeal of accurate expert of water gauge of water of 20 years of changeless nati

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"National level 20 years changeless, present water quality very not ideal, we are very anxious, this problem is worth us to think over. " science of Tsinghua university environment and engineering department professor, Wang Zhansheng of 72 years old says. {iDQPbdUR

As a result of the standard long-term and changeless, because this obtains the drinking water of national level, not be clean drinking water certainly however. 7= WM7nS

"Weigh pound bomb "? N~aW J5

In October 2004, the researcher of 6 units such as the third Military Medical University casts gave " heavy pound bomb " : The national science and technology that last a period of time finishs 6 years tackles key problem task " analysis of information of technology of security of natural resources of Chongqing town water and countermeasure research " . 6O? ;71

According to " Chongqing morning paper " wait for media coverage, counterpoise of this task group celebrates the water quality of source of water of each water works to undertake assay analysis make clear, the sort of organic contaminant in water of the Yangtse River is achieved 50 a variety of, the sort of organic contaminant in water of fine hill river is achieved 60 a variety of, and organic contaminant has noxiousness commonly, the likelihood violates reproductive system, cause cancer even. Professor Shu Weiqun weighs the third Military Medical University that participates this research all the time, jiang Shuizhong " hide kill machine " . ZIQ6)6u~{

Be perplexed drinking water safety by the problem it is Chongqing not just absolutely. Aquatic biology institute ever was aimed at place of medicine of Fudan University precaution and Wuhan of the Chinese Academy of Sciences some liver cancer sends Jiangsu high the investigation and study that the area has alga toxin endangers health. Task group begins from 1991, undertake is as long as 10 years to the crowd of a 90 thousand person dog the discovery after investigation, this area resident waters in toxin of contained small bag alga -- , plankton if a kind of of the generation such as La Zao chronic toxin -- , the possibility that makes cancer happens raised nearly 10 times. (xKuT[

Present as leading role Professor Yu Shunzhang tells the institute of medicine of Fudan University precaution of this research " southern on the weekend " reporter, in a certain population about 100 much liver cancer send an area high, have patient of many 500 liver cancer every year gone, its case " your person is shocking " . He still says, the harm of toxin of small bag alga to children particularly fierce, in fetal period the possibility has produced effect, the liver function that has pupil of 90 % above actually somewhere an index is abnormal.  ? 'of/}o €

Country is not willing to divulge the communal and wholesome expert of the full name still says, each district often has water quality occurrence problem to cause the condition of the disease even, but because report the system is not perfect, a lot of places worry influence fame again, a few problems were masked to be in a place, administration and public have no way is informed.
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