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Irrigation works of river of the Huaihe River appoint can release catchment to q

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Ministry of classics irrigation works is examined agree, committee of irrigation works of river of the Huaihe River released the first catchment of our country to qualify blowdown gross opinion recently, put forward the contaminant gross that waters of region of river of the Huaihe River can accommodate clearly, for this catchment water pollution prevention and cure and water natural resources are used provided scientific basis. 9B1`mdM[- @

Wang Bin of vice director of council of irrigation works of river of the Huaihe River introduces, the prime cause with serious water pollution of region of river of the Huaihe River is the carrying capacity that blowdown flow rate exceeds water natural resources and water environment far. Gross of water natural resources occupies 2.8 % of countrywide only here, scale of the population that bear the weight of and farmland area is mixed for 13.1 % respectively however 11.7 % , the pressure that water natural resources faces exceeds 4 times of countrywide average level. V(~rA(7Fd

To protect water natural resources effectively, to water pollution of river of the Huaihe River prevention and cure provides scientific basis, according to " law of water of People's Republic of China " concerned regulation, the 4 administration of Henan of organization of committee of irrigation works of river of the Huaihe River, Anhui, Jiangsu, Shandong that visit water were in charge of a branch to begin work of division into districts of catchment water function, made clear development of natural resources of water of region of river of the Huaihe River to use function and protective end. On this foundation, mix according to target of water quality of water function area accept of system of water of region of river of the Huaihe River of check and ratify of ability of self-purification of water system nature corrupt ability, put forward and fulfil opinion of limitative blowdown gross. CU CIw(xN[

Basis " opinion " , region of river of the Huaihe River is main pollutant chemistry oxygen demand (Cod) with ammoniac nitrogen (limitative blowdown gross is Nh3-n) to mix twenty-six thousand six hundred tons 382 thousand tons every year respectively. And at present Cod of current situation of whole drainage area, Nh3-n is respectively into river discharge capacity annual 1.14 million tons, 130 thousand tons, limit control amount more than respectively 1.98 times with 3.89 times, cut down on average rate mix for 66.5 % respectively 79.5 % . ^#j% | 6? `W

Accordingly " opinion " key of each district of requirement edge the Huaihe River has grabbed the following job, include to ensure industry pollutes a source to amount to mark to discharge control with gross; Optimize economic layout and industrial structure, strict control development pollutes industrial development high cost water, high; Introduce market mechanism actively, accelerate construction of town sewage treatment plant; Strengthen integrated processing, reduce face source contaminant to discharge; In make sure the life uses water while, as a whole production, zoology uses water, maintain fluvial self-purification ability; Raise water natural resources to use benefit and efficiency, begin construction extensively section water is anti-fouling model social construction.
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