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Irrigation works of river of the Huaihe River appoint can release catchment to q

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Xinhua net reporter understands, at present river of the Huaihe River is treated corrupt the situation is grim, all fronts of trunk stream water quality exceeds bid. Committee of irrigation works of river of the Huaihe River is intensifying having pair of functional area water quality and offer corrupt the work that gross monitors, at the same time aggrandizement enters the government of river sewage draining exit, severe build, rebuild or enlarge sewage draining exit to examine and approve close, plan to be in charge of a branch to enter river sewage draining exit to put forward deadline to shut the requirement with punish to groove guard of drinkable source of water jointly with administration of 4 provinces water, water in order to ensure numerous old people safe. $V2~LGBD=O?

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