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An one watch transforms of short duration of price of half-baked Jiangsu water n

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Concern in the light of the near future " go up first business water price " proposal, and execute " price of water of a flight of stairs " plan, nanjing city expresses clearly a few days ago about the branch: No matter be business,water or dweller use water, the opportunity that move price is still immature, "Price of water of a flight of stairs " collect fees idea innovation condition still is not had, these two act won't carry out the near future. @rDMO J R

Since after opening price hearing in August 2003, two years the time of half went, the tap water price of Nanjing fails as before " rise smoothly " . Wait for the water price of provincial and other city relative to Yu Moxi, Suzhou, Zhenjiang, nanjing active dweller uses water price (1.9 yuan / ton) every tons want low 0.4 yuan - 0.5 yuan. Original, after the hearing leaves, province prices bureau ever price of water of Nanjing of give an official rises first 2.3 yuan / ton, plan to was adjusted first half of the year last year, however, as price index go tall all the way, national hair changes appoint with delimit of province prices bureau two control line that prohibit rising in price, ban in the round almost in a year go up. This year 1, Feburary, price index did not see fall after a rise, "Ban go up your " deadline already set now to the end of May. If price index of second half of the year not fall after a rise, water price rises criterion as before not within the foreseeable future. As to whether " go up first business water price " , prices branch expresses, no matter go up first which part, of the relation is overall price index, so of short duration does not have this consideration. ]d? ) 6v]
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Nevertheless, although the price did not go up, the preparation that government and tap water company make to reform place in the future works to did not stop. According to the country " use price lever to protect water natural resources " requirement, direction of reform of Nanjing water price is cost of water of executive a flight of stairs, exceed multivalent standard with water namely taller. Normally cent of metric water price is type of a flight of stairs 3 class, class difference is 1: 1.5: 2. Dweller life uses the water of the first class of price of water of type of water a flight of stairs to measure cardinal number, the principle that uses water according to ensuring the dweller lives basically is made; Water of the 2nd class measures cardinal number, the principle that the basis is improved and improves dweller life quality is made; Water of the 3rd class measures cardinal number, satisfy the principle of special need to make according to pressing market price case. Specific and various water measures base to will combine Nanjing actual condition to decide by prices branch. @ :O#k^XIS8
However, the premise that pursues price of water of type of a flight of stairs is to must realize tap water to copy a watch to arrive door, namely " an one watch " , but Nanjing copies a watch to arrive at present door transform still half-baked, because this is returned cannot large area pursues price of water of type of a flight of stairs. Current, tap water company is annual and main arranged 30 million yuan of or so capital to be used at copying a watch to arrive door transform. After waiting for an opportunity to mature, carry out " price of water of type of a flight of stairs " . / Da#uL
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