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Sino-US trade gap still is expanding

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"This says to the Chinese, this is a kind of warning: Must reform. If be not reformed, will right whole world -- the country that includes you and our country -- cause serious consequence. " the language with this kind of dye-in-the-wood smell of gunpowder appears in American senate, senator of new York state checks what Ke Shumo conveys is successful to Chinese economy anger. X@*jdN""
However, monetary Fund of international of no less than releases last week " world economic outlook " report place says, between the United States and China -- still the United States is the same as other country between -- tremendous and the trade gap that still expanding is only the one part that is a thing. The United States imports heavy consumption to taste over there country, Korea and business of production of other low cost from which really, with dollar computation, these consumable are cheap. But, the United States' annual expenses exceeds its income far, must borrow money from world other place, the object of debt often is those countries that sell the product toward the United States. RD, 3v_e N
In fact, the United States and China join together with a kind of peculiar economy kind. China needs the biggest consumption group on the world to serve as the market that markets a product, the United States needs the China with abundant ready money to serve as the market that promotes debt. M1Z3 NyW]
Asian economy system the deposit infuse United States oneself, for the biggest consumes a group prodigal fund on the world. International Monetary Fund is afraid, this kind tremendous " the whole world is lopsided " make world economy weaker and weaker, via having any impact. 5G=w, 1/$0'j
Chief editor " world economic outlook " the economist of the report pulls ancient · to pull Zhan Shui, eliminate this to plant lopsided it is inevitable, all countries are responsible exert oneself, the most important is, "Once cast off the American consumer of decline in order to spend fund help world, must adjust oneself tired footstep now, scrape up more money " . In the meantime, economic system of the Asia needs to find more adjacent and native investment opportunity to use his stockpile, is not accumulative and many foreign exchange reserve. B XbKf4
A few colleagues of easy silent senator and its senate criticize the Chinese requirement to the west " distain to be considered " , maintain a RMB the fixed exchange rate to the dollar, enjoying inequitable competition advantage. But the analysis of international Monetary Fund says, although China ought to decide floating rate,be a target, the United States also needs to arrange his room. Europe also is same, need implements reform in order to start standstill economy. W~]jZ | ; 
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