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Market of valve of 533 companies exit rises Zhejiang steadily

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3 big factors affect development

Zhejiang province is valve exit big province. According to Hangzhou custom statistic, zhejiang province exported valve 2004 600 million, value 660 million dollar, occupy our country valve to export quantity, worth 40.4% with 35.7% . 2005 1 quarter, province valve exit maintains Zhejiang to grow steadily, export 140 million in all, value 160 million dollar, than last year the corresponding period (similarly hereinafter) grow 25.7% with 33.8% . Zhejiang saves the main characteristic that valve exports: ) PGV#FZ`8O

One, general commerce exit is given priority to. 1 quarter Zhejiang saved general commerce to export valve 2005 150 million dollar, 90.3% what occupy Zhejiang to save valve to export total. Ax8, #Ess

2, the private enterprise exports big, growth fast, export company growth is rapid. 1 quarter Zhejiang saved a private enterprise to export valve 2005 60 million dollar, grow 90.9% , 38.6% what occupy Zhejiang to save valve to export total; Foreign investment company exports valve 50 million dollar, grow 41.7% , 30.3% what occupy Zhejiang to save valve to export total. Province of 1 quarter Zhejiang shares 533 enterprises to export valve, grow 43.7% compared to the same period, average outlet dimensions 302 thousand dollar. TlL/n ASwR

3, exit area is multivariate, europe, beauty is main export market. Province of 1 quarter Zhejiang was opposite in all 2005 119 countries of 5 continent and area exit valve. Among them, export valve to the European Union 60 million dollar, grow 29.8% , 37.1% what occupy Zhejiang to save valve to export total; Export valve to the United States 10 million dollar, grow 53.1% , 7.5% what occupy Zhejiang to save valve to export total. Cgmyu9~Qnn%

Although exit of Zhejiang province valve grows steadily, but should enlarge exit dimensions further, still face 3 big factors restrict:   2l/I K==

One, manufacturing cost rises, cost transfers difficulty ~3WuZo8

Copper is the main raw material of product of class of a powerful person. In recent years international copper price rises all the way, price of cathode copper of London metal bourse was 1700 dollars / first half of the year 2003 or so tons, and already went up to 3400 dollars / to the end of this year March ton, the price broke up one time. Suffer this effect, zhejiang saves brass good value also from every tons 1.45- - 15 thousand yuan of RMBs go up to every tons of 2.5-2.6 10 thousand yuan of RMBs. In the meantime, electric power is in short supply with transport costs rise, also raised the manufacturing cost of the enterprise. Although produce cost to rise ceaselessly, but because competition of valve product international market is intense, the price carries litre of space is limited, cost transfers difficulty. Zhejiang province valve exported average price to be 1 dollar 2003 / set, and 1 quarter exported average price to be 1.1 dollars 2005 / set, rise only 10% . The profit space of valve business is compressed ceaselessly. ` . '0vXjU
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