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Chinese hardware production industry rises quickly world big country _ internati

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Grow steadily through several years, chinese hardware manufacturing industry has become world output the biggest country, at present annual produce achieves 250 billion yuan of RMB. U=4XV;v
Reporter recently from Chinese hardware products assist know, as the industry that rises abruptly quickly, chinese hardware product year forehead of imports and exports, achieved 2004 312. 200 million dollar, among them, exit forehead is achieved 241. 3.2 billion dollar, produce as the product can enlarge the driving growth with Chinese economy, in future 3 years, chinese hardware imports and exports still carries the high increase rate of 30 % . C00r}"5qsT
This kind of driving development posture, make Chinese hardware industry is in international position empty premise is tall. Association of Chinese hardware products is obtained already formally 2006 of mass rally of metals of the 49th world undertake authority, and China and the China International hardware that German division grand exhibits what the company holds together are exhibited (s of c i h ) also had become what world metals industry has force most to exhibit meeting, no matter be to join,show an area, all jump house world the 2nd. BKB €8 3mr"M1
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Zhang Dong of director of association of Chinese hardware products stands to express to the reporter, exhibit the Chinese hardware international that this year October holds in Shanghai gathered together the hardware mainstay business of 90 % of Chinese and production base, gather hardware of hardware tool, building, hutch defends 4 kinds of big high-quality goods such as the product, represented the strongest battle array of Chinese hardware industry and top level, become abroad the main platform that buys the home to purchase " China to make " . (Information source: Chinese urban and rural finance signs up for) YO48O}h{

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