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Market of estate of valve of rein in of mechanical industry sales revenue is hop

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In join forces of chance of port of market group, Zhen Hua, 31 heavy industry, Anhui, Shanghai east serious chance the big heat on these latter markets, in the analyst's computer, was gone to by cent machinery board piece. The research that negotiable securities of United States forest refers to the client recently says in the report, what Chinese machinery, equipment replaces an entrance is homebred change trend all the more apparent, this will promote development of domestic relevant estate. Y 23 | Fe-

Sales revenue adds fast rein in

The country believes industry of negotiable securities machinery senior analyst Guo Yaling thinks, second half of the year invests the influence of decelerate to show as fixed assets, mechanical industry is added fast will apparent fall after a rise, in the meantime, child industry general occurrence become divided. He expresses, sales revenue of industry accumulative total grows 27.91% compared to the same period first half of the year, add fast drop compared to the same period 9 percent; Rise as a result of cost at the same time, wool interest rate drops compared to the same period a percent. Below two sides effect, industry profit appears apparent fall after a rise, among them average machine and instrument bearing manufacturing industry drop range is bigger.

Among them valve of container, bearing, electric machinery, boiler is made etc child the industry continues to move in boom perch first half of the year, total of accumulative total profit is added fast all maintain in 40% above; And special apparatus appearance, electron is measured, appeared machine of metrological implement, project sales revenue drops, the situation that profit glides apparently; Nevertheless, manufacturing industry of railroad facility for transporting, shipping is the not much window in mechanical industry.

Guo Yaling predicts, industry of machinery of second half of the year will continue to be in drop in the passageway, annual is added fast it is about 25% , drop compared to the same period 7 percent. Partial boom is in perch child industry, wait like appearance of container, bearing, valve, electric machinery, general instrument, will face risk of exalted fall after a rise; And early days fall after a rise is bigger child industry, if the engineering is mechanical a hopeful is progressively hasten is firm; Manufacturing industry of facility for transporting of shipbuilding, railroad criterion hopeful continues to maintain anabiosis posture. Predicting second half of the year the fall after a rise as steel price, firm or look forward to of hopeful of industry wool interest rate is small pick up.

Mechanical industry is facing force of the step up on bigger and bigger cost, what its reason depends on standard of equivalence of resource of rolled steel, oil, electric power, traffic, manpower is ceaseless rise. Because income adds fast rein in, and cost rises, the wool interest rate of mechanical industry appears to drop apparently.
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