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Social system project drives demand of concrete pump car quickly

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Social system project includes: Can develop project of project of project, new technology revolution, urban and rural unifinication continuously (project of urban and rural hairdressing) with humanitarian value engineering. Project of urban and rural unifinication, namely big in city and villages and towns rise repeatedly, achieve the effect that enlarges urban capacity and beautification villages and towns, accelerating urban and rural unifinication to build is one of strategies that our country can develop continuously. As the country 3 farming of policy carry out, the move of force of rural surplus labor increased pressure to the city. For countrywide each district besides building trestle, the city stands hand in arisen, city of level of a lot of ground and prefectural class city also build crossroads now. Mb{^G 
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Rent the rapid development of business as industry of domestic goods concrete and construction machinery, the amplification of construction dimensions and limits and western big development, promoted construction machinery the high speed that conveyer of extremely relevant concrete fetterses develops, provided larger market space for concrete pump car. `$YSv#JD!

However, at present the sexual price of concrete pump car compares our country not quite appropriate large-scale promotion, existing announcement controls 12 times: 31 have 5, couplet heavy division has 3 in, shandong rash peak, Changchun and riverside source, produce per year gross of car of of all kinds concrete pump to be controlled in 130, its are middleaged the company with the biggest output is controlled in 40. The concrete pump car that home produces at present is centered in 37m (height of the oldest cloth) the following. The biggest theory carries the concrete that pump car pump sends unit the quantity is commonly under 120 stere, provide a powerful person or family with flashboard a powerful person and S two kinds of forms are given priority to (latter is much) . The production of concrete pump car still basically lies in our country primary development phase. Although manufacturer home is not little, but manufacturing gross is too low. BnV*LAe 

The main body of use unit of car of our country concrete pump is joint-stock joint-stock company and develop littoral of the area individual, the organization basically is year of productivity the construction with the commodity concrete supplier that there is aptitude in 30 stere above, larger trade is construction unit, of all kinds the construction machine that has certain economy actual strength and operation hires a company, from former construction construction; Individual and main develop littoral the individual agitate station of the area and individual and mechanical setting hire a department. In home at present this kind enterprise is opposite rare 800 above, press international convention every 5 dimensions, so, a few years gross will achieve 4000 or so henceforth, 1000 plus individual consumption, this number is very sizable. The year's harvest hands in a quantity to be controlled in 180 about now, basically be group spending, and the reason with individual spending slow growth is price issue. LrZ5p=Sx
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