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Delay of lukewarm city mode fast be puzzled: Walk along crossroad think over

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Core clew: Laborious, wisdom, can bear hardships, become Wen Zhou the person is explaining " Wen Zhou mode " when customary answer. Why lukewarm city person can export lighter make it brand, can make the enterprise extends all trades and professions from dress and shoe line of business, can you let civilian capital hold a group in the arms to hit out domestic abroad? Get at the root of the matter, free spirit cast the disposition that a kind of uneasiness separates lukewarm city person, free market made sure the ego of economy of Wenzhou civilian battalion replaces capacity. GGFPt? Vd
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According to statistic, from 1978 reforming and opening arrives 20 years of 1998 in, in the rank that Wen Zhou's Gdp grows speed to visit 11 ground town in Zhejiang all the time be among the best of candidates, but since 1998 lukewarm state economy is added fast begin relatively slow at Zhejiang a few otherer area, the rank dropped the 7th 2002, platoon of each main economic norms was saving penult completely first half of the year 2003, 779 months of subsequently ranks save reciprocal completely the first. From rise at this moment, "Approaching the end of one's days of lukewarm city mode " and " Wen Zhou economy is washed-up " wait a view a moment to begin to circulate, economic bound also begins generation to the worry of lukewarm state economy, wen Zhou is immersed in it seems that " delay fast " be puzzled. Arrive again to lukewarm city mode from unknown to public mode of new lukewarm administrative division, flavour of lukewarm state human body arrived " foregone " brought joys and sorrows of life and brilliant. And today, be in when environment of this kind of market and spirit after more places get popularize and spreading, economy is opposite already " delay fast " Wen Zhou must stand in crossroad afresh, think how to search to get the body appearance that run in those days. Z fFxAD; Z-

The alternate of two mode

"Ao Kang " , " red dragonfly " , " bird of announce good news " , " Zhuang Ji " , " Delixi " ... a few days when interview in Wen Zhou, the reporter plaints constantly of brand of the Wen Zhou in CCTV advertisement a list of names posted up.

Review in recent years seniority of economy of Chinese civilian battalion, zhejiang saves civilian battalion enterprise to enter 500 strong amounts to occupy front row of countrywide other area firmly all the time, and the amount of lukewarm state company has very large proportion again in Zhejiang brand. Zhejiang is regarded as company of Chinese civilian battalion accordingly " Elysian " , and the title that Wen Zhou wins is more, "Chinese shoe " , " of Chinese electric equipment " , " lighter of Chinese metal crust produces base " , " Chinese razor produces base " , " China pressworks city " , " Chinese glasses produces base " , " the countryside of Chinese pump valve " , " production of Chinese plastic film, still have even " fashionable " title.

"Accomplish all these, the economy that is mode of a kind of Wen Zhou that be called grows train of thought. " on September 19, the lukewarm state university that devotes oneself to research of economy of Wenzhou civilian battalion all the time manages Li Zhongkuan of academic associate professor to say to the reporter. Mode of alleged Wen Zhou, namely " small commodities, big market " . "In economy of Wen Zhoumin battalion accumulate level, as a result of a variety of reasons, wen Zhou does not have national priority discipline all the time, without big state-operated company, lukewarm city person has to search an outlet, makes money what to do, cold-shouldering it absolutely is small commodities or big commodity, want make it big market to go only. "
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