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Chinese mechanical manufacturing industry tries best to catch up Germany travels

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Although German machinery makes the exit achievement of manufacturer can be encircled,can nod, but each manufacturer still is anxious for his future, because Chinese enterprise is trying best to catch up, be in probably 4, the strong competitor that German machinery manufacturing industry makes inside 5 years. .p=ZPr8zP
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On Wednesday, a place of strategic importance of standing chairman conspicuous is opposite federation of production manufacturer of German machinery equipment German finance times says: "The Chinese is buying German company, they want to acquire a technology with this not only, also want to acquire German famous brand and sale channel, so that sell Chinese product at the same time. " the information that according to the German mechanism that holds in Berlin on Wednesday annual meeting of equipment manufacturing industry comes out, the condition with German machine production current manufacturer is pretty good, the order that abroad comes to is ceaseless grow in quantity, include to come from Chinese order among them. Lu Ke of union chairman cloth pulls He Ganggang to increase the predicting increase index of manufacturing industry of mechanical this year equipment to 4 % from 3 % , increased two percent even at least 2006. lyR= | $GJR~%IP=h%h
The Inc. of Shenyang machine tool that occupies lead position in China also attended the annual meeting in Berlin, guan Xiyou of this company general manager says, since 2001, china is right the demand of the machine tool with annual the rate of 26 % rises. Imported value last year only the machine tool of 5.9 billion dollar, be equivalent to a whole world the machine tool crop of 1/4. Germany is the most important country that offer money, up to by 2004, german machine production manufacturer exported value in all to China the product of 7.5 billion euro, china became the 2nd big foreign market of Germany, the United States remains the biggest market of German machinery manufacturing industry, imported the mechanical equipment of near one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight euro from Germany. S , i=:`
He Sai says, in simple and mechanical respect, germany now cannot with Chinese compare, special in price respect. In medium-sized and mechanical respect, the Chinese is stronger and stronger. But the hi-tech market with be in the mainest to German enterprise, the Chinese is backward still very far, such state still can last for some time. Important is to prevent filch technology, he Sai complains say, "China is the birthplace of piracy technology, such past Japanese getaway. " sufferred German machinery equipment to make manufacturer federation entrust domestic survey result to make clear last year, a lot of China machine tools make manufacturer believe, the sweated photograph union of German technology and China is successful approach. */pOM9/V! Xb =#Z5 ! 
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