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International oil price drops again split every pails of 69 dollar

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Xinhua net new York on May 19 report (reporter Lu Huaiqian) because Iranian nucleus problem has,tend assuasive evidence, price of futures of international crude oil 19 days considerably fall after a rise, drop again split every pails of 69 dollar.

That day, the price of futures of light qualitative crude that the Comex will deliver the goods June drops every pails 92 cent, close at 68. 53 dollar; The North sea that bourse of London international oil will deliver the goods July Bulunte price of crude oil futures drops every pails 99 cent, close at

Additional, new York business hands in what place will deliver the goods June to warm oneself oily futures price every gallon dropped that day 3. 12 cent, close at 1 . 9201 dollar; The gasoline futures price that will deliver the goods June every gallon rises 2. 33 cent, close at 2. 384 dollar.

According to this media coverage, negotiate on behalf of European Union and Iran flower, the Three Kingdoms of law, heart asks the United States considers Xiang Yilang to sell civil plane formally already, solve the component of the package new plan of Iranian nucleus problem in order to regard as. Execute trade block to Iran all the time since breaking off a friendship with Iran 1980 as a result of the United States, because the requirement of this European Union is regarded as,be Iranian nucleus problem tend assuasive an evidence. (be over) Xc-D{_-`v

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