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Rank of China of global competition ability glides

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The rank of global competition ability of our country had dropped 3 years continuously. Fell from 33 of 2002 2003 the 44th, fell 2004 the 46th, dropped again now 3. Although a kind of any economic norms evaluate a system to be put in blemish, but competition ability of our country whole world " year after year glides " incline to still is worth us serious consider: Below the premise that goes tall continuously in gross of our country economy and growth rate, the hind leg that what is pulling competition ability all the time be after all?

World economy forum basically innovates the competition ability that with communal orgnaization quality these 3 standards measure a country or zone according to macroscopical economy management, technology. This year, the technical innovation index of our country is ranked the 64th, drop than last year 2 seating arrangement; Communal orgnaization quality is ranked the 56th, relatively low last year a seating arrangement. With total rank confirm of the 49th photograph, it is technical innovation and communal orgnaization quality pulled a hind leg apparently. Actually, on the rank of these two index, we are to be in all the time low wander -- of annual hinder sb is it two. 2:NMoq:o;

Communal orgnaization quality goes low, main trouble is governmental small effect and influence corruption. Begin from 2003, world economy forum includes in place of index of growing competition ability child in index, with " the government is wasteful " child index was replaced " government spending " child index, the dimensions that new index pays close attention to the efficiency of government spending more and is not defray -- this hit us " soft costal region " . Evermore, on many Zhang face " beautiful " government spending not only profitless the promotion that ranks at competition ability of our country whole world, and many contribution that still offsetted macroscopical economy grows. In the meantime, with " the government is wasteful " each other is cause and effect " influence is corrupt " also be in the common government process that sells corrode government ceaselessly, make communal orgnaization quality is in from beginning to end " inferior healthy " in condition. In the competition ability report this year, corruption is labelled to affect competition ability of our country whole world awesomely " have problem factor most " one of. Om[my(xl

Technical innovation is in low-level wander, the germ of the problem depends on relevant and communal article furnishing to be not worth badly. We are in an unfavorable situation again and again on technical innovation, crucial reason is not we compare others inherently stupid, also not be research and development of science and technology devoted and insufficient -- the investment of respect of our country ongoing hair already amounted to 60 billion dollar 2003, it is the whole world that is next to the United States and Japan the 3rd big research and development invests big country; And the lack that depends on domain of fundamental science and education throwing inadequacy and technical innovation environment. Domain of fundamental science and education throws inadequacy, quality of capital of manpower of the whole people rises hard; Technical innovation environment is lacked, the intelligence an wisdom of people gets the inhibition of system sex -- result nature is platoon of technical innovation level the jian hou mian in others. And in the final analysis, investment of fundamental science and education and technical innovation environment are typical communal article, the market assures its available supply hard, of there is no shirking the responsibility is the government that serves as communal orgnaization. ZJB`Yo$:
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