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Contemporary bedroom environmental protection: The lot pre-test of faucet and en

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Accurate to new life, Gao Shui those who go after urbanite of already deep embedded is subconscious in. Pursue this kind of high quality life however, need us to be ceaseless in the life life study, master necessary life knowledge. Want to be aware of a few detail even, live for instance not quite not little detail -- the choice of faucet. B23. ? "M & n
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Environmental protection to gradual progress of high quality life . ] 5zH F

It is a standard with waiting without color television of refresh rate of fluorine freezer, tall scanning, representing the first step that domestic environmental protection changes, and the ceaseless promotion that as opposite vivid environmental protection asks, higher environmental protection changes a product to be in gradual progress.

The United States is gotten and amounted to faucet company to release first product in China, in Chinese sanitation clean has a thing with again common market, but actually is right Chinese common people, it is to go after more high quality life to span however. In get and amounting to all fronts product, those who bring is one caboodle not just the style is beautiful, exquisite of charge for the making of sth. " bibcock " , more important is to bring brand-new consumptive idea -- faucet walks into environmental protection cavalcade.

For quite a long time, faucet never from go up at all let common people know he and environmental protection have greatest concern actually. Above all we will look, environmental protection product has what demand, generally speaking has the place that needed an attention at 3 o'clock: 1, basic and avirulent harmless model. It is to point to natural, itself is done not have or the material with extremely rare harmful poison, adornment stuff that had be machininged simply only without pollution. 2, low poison, low discharge model. It is to show the technical measure such as course treatment, synthesis will control the accumulation of poisonous, harmful material and slow release, because of its noxiousness is slight, right the adornment material that human health does not make risk. 3, current science and technology and detect the data that the method cannot decide and evaluates its to poison material to affect, these material are avirulent hurtless at present, but the development as science and technology, there may be the possibility that holds afresh in the future.

And end arrived at 3 o'clock on faucet, the most important is the quantity that contain lead, lead is the microelement that human body needs, but cannot exceed bid on the other hand, once exceed pair of human body to will produce very bad effect, to children more very, weigh an incident of meeting occurrence lead poisoning. The harm of car tail gas to children, depend on the many plumbic part that contains among them. Children is long-term and inspiratory after this kind of tail gas that contains lead, incidental lead poisoning, cause huge to damage to the child's health. The observation that water has precautionary lead to measure likewise is necessary, but we are very regretful, the technology is made in traditional faucet in, to preventing lead measure can not accord with contemporary healthy demand.
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