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Valve and carry out implement the market situation analysis of the industry

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Market of world automation control valve was 10 billion dollar 2002, predict to will reach 13 billion dollar 2006. As a result of " Smart " the occurrence of a powerful person, the function of a powerful person rises somewhat. At present each valve manufactory controls the software of technology and IT in the electron that devotes oneself to valve. , c9 "tzA}# ? N D b
From the point of market fractionize, oil industry includes its upriver industry oil recovery and natural gas, and its downstream industry oil refining, it is the market with the biggest valve. Accordingly, middle east is the market with oil field the mainest valve. Chemical industry is valve another big market. Predict 2006, the market field with American the biggest valve or in chemical domain. Predict 2006, before demand of chemical domain valve 10 country will be: (1) the United States; (2) Japan; (3) Germany; (4) China; (5) England; (6) France; (7) South Korea; (8) Italy; (9) Taiwan; (10) Canada. - HUP ~%5
The power station is the 2nd big market of valve, especially gas turbine. The valve amount that assorted cycle gas turbine needs than odd cycle gas turbine is more, and the valve dosage of aircrew burning gas is assorted gas turbine is fourfold. China and United States are the big country of gas turbine, because this also is the biggest user of power plant valve. Of valve change updating also is a very big market. 1/3 what the United States takes capacity of world gas turbine, it is the biggest market that valve updates. Bcpn~FA12PO
The market of valve is had rate is the nearest because of Invensys; Flow; Control produced change by Flowserve annex. Tyco still occupies the first, for 6% ; Flowserve rises the 2nd, for 4% ; Emerson occupies the 3rd, for 3% . Of Europe industrial valve and carry out implement sale was 3.53 billion dollar 2002, predict to be able to amount to 4.1 billion dollar 2008. Integrated year of increase rate for 2.2% . Technical innovation makes valve has stability of better performance, oil price and ambassador of natural gas enlarge to use with executive appliance make increase in the investment of respect of oil natural gas, make valve carry out implement the rise of the market. Additionally spare parts of machine parts or tools kept in reserve also is a very big market. Intelligent a powerful person and technology of spot bus line by the market approve the growth that also conduces to the market. Intelligent a powerful person will receive wider application henceforth. Carry out implement growth rate is even rapidder than valve. Among them the execution that 1/4 turns implement because its use extensive, structure simple, will carry out than turning more implement have bigger market. Valve and carry out implement the market has the rate rank in Europe to be as follows: ] ] , MX_nl'/fK FUY32U
(1) Tyco; FlowN- '
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