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Efficient SJ90 agitate ball mill

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Sj90 agitate ball mill is to be opposite home, outside numerous on the design that is the same as type product and the adjust research and summary base that use a circumstance to have extensive, development, after undertaking be optimizinged in the round designing, roll out, have very tall super- fine grind efficiency and productivity, and wear away admirably component wearability and lower stock pollution. Main good point has: N~CRgY(=
Reasonable cylindrical shell ratio of height to diameter and drive power are configured, can achieve taller super- fine grind ability; V#f74CukLS? Xnv"{-v;
Use outer circulation refrigeration, ensured thereby cooling effect; EpKSo ] /Th? =s95r~
Use the circular pump that introduces a technology to make, the job is reliable, fault rate is low, wear away a life is long; QT3u*UOh% Q
}C]4n9 €n
Control system can is opposite neatly advocate electric machinery, cooling chamfer and circular pump undertake centralized control and be controllinged respectively. 7jZ*%V9'2
J, | BHReJ
Basically use Yu Fei metal or metallic ore deposit - of 5 μ M super- fine grind. OCEX, % F
Mm/n? [0.S?

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