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Zhengzhou is spun machine roll out harvester of new-style classics oar to develo

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Recently, machine of oar of classics of chamfer of double oar of the slot of Zlga801 odd oar that development of Inc. of Zhengzhou spin machinery goes and Zl Juan Ga802 passes appraisal smoothly, be about to throw production formally to use. }RFGw, 7lEl
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Zlga801 and the production that Zlga802 applies to small lot, much breed via oar machine ask, the manufacturing technology characteristic that suits lubricious cloth to plant especially and technology ask. It uses much unit to procrastinate move, the computer centralizes control, control precision is tall, dependability is good, breed adaptability is strong, it is the optimal choice that at present domestic fabric sample and color knit much breed, small lot to produce.  ~Vf&pom6k

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