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First advanced and automatic switch of our country changes laid to have already

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Recently, by 25 bureaus group the automatic switch of 3 companies own research and development changes laid to pass expert attestation fully, win 3 states practical and new-style patent, indicate the first advanced switch that has complete intellectual property changes an our country laid equipment research and development is successful. K$-U j};
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In already wired change switch, because field is narrow, block time is close, switch is self-prossessed big, often appear 1000 army the lively appearance that 10 thousand horses make tactics of sea of faces. After new-style switch changes laid to pass a technology 3 times to improve fully, the structure is simple, the operation is convenient, realized switch of single person operation to rise fall mobile target, the error can control 5 millimeter less than. LS, lL~Ek=Y
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It is reported, use new facility construction, can make change the number that extends every groups of switch to decrease 60 to 70 people, reduce direct cost 10 thousand yuan, have very strong promotion value.

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