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Heibei development goes conveyer instrument to use bearing roller of steel of 16

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One kind can apply what instrument uses large conveyer extensively at the industry such as metallurgy mine to have tall wear-resisting, fight corrode, the bearing roller of steel of 1600pts complete model of Gao Kangchong function, by county of Heibei province scene Xing Huajin is belonged to rubber-plastic products plant develops a success and put in the market. Concerned expert thinks, this product already pledged through building materials of national chemical industry check center checks early or late, each technology index all qualitative bearing roller of the balata that excel carries machinery to be used generally at present, steel, quality can be rivalled with photograph of foreign congener product, market prospect is capacious. D5Wn 8nA_X
In recent years, what equip as machinery of our country mine is modern, and as its the train in excess specified length with larger amount of material of market bad news spends bearing roller product, still rely on an entrance mostly. Xing Huajin of Heibei scene county is belonged to rubber-plastic the Pts material recipe that new development gives on international of products plant application and distinctive manufacturing technology, development goes a diameter to amount to 890mm, 108mm, length amounts to 1600mm the Pts high strength of two norms is full new product of model steel bearing roller. Product fill a blank of domestic.

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