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C720 of factory of Changsha water pump condensate pump passes expert appraisal

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Plant of water pump of Changsha of You Xiang report is own the canister outside multistage of the C720 of research and development vertical condensatePumpPass expert appraisal. : O'3vsD-6H

This product is to be fire of 600 thousand kilowattElectric machineryThe group is special of form a complete set, its success is developed, the mark is worn the banner cavalcade that factory of Changsha water pump crosses manufacturing industry of condensate pump of domestic large vertical, will become the 3 shell of manufacturing industry of condensate pump of large vertical of the home that prop up with limited company of Ksb of factory of Shenyang water pump, Shanghai. C720 condensation pump can apply extensively at the 600 thousand firepower power plant to aircrew of 1 million kilowatt and nuke, market prospect is inviting. b=Q#U:dY

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