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Er of benefit suddenly sea rolled out crane of new-style entire road surface 200

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Er of benefit suddenly sea will roll out Ltm1200-5.1 of new-style crane of entire road surface 2006, it will be a the principal arm in crane of on the market 5 axes is the at present longest, its the product range that length of principal arm of the lifting capacity of 200 tons of class, 72m enlarged Er of benefit suddenly sea further. n3d 8: ? O 

The chassis drive of crane is with derv of Er of benefit suddenly sea engine combines Zf As-tronic assembly of drive of Li-as-drive of automatic gear-box composition, driving, environmental protection saves power oily. Speed control system and automatic brake system make although crane can undertake in declivous process speed is set beforehand, driver operation is handier. Two class drive-box makes crane can undertake travel with extremely low rate when cross-country travel. Er of new-style benefit suddenly sea listed engine 6 crocks to provide the driving power of 370kw continuously, the biggest torsion achieves 2350nm. The 3 class of 97/68/ec with the contented already and newest exhaust emission of this engine standard and Epa/carb the 3rd grade. h1H €r €

Independent rear wheel changes rate reaction type to the system9? 4=G- - N

Ltm1200-5.1 uses rear wheel of independence of rate reaction type to turn to a system, travelling speed is lower, rear wheel allows turn to extent bigger, assured thereby the smallest turn radius, reduced tire wear away degree. When high speed travel, the cycle after independence ensures to the system rear wheel is linear travel. Because be full cycle to, even when crane is when travel of construction site complete configuration, also can make sure each load per axle agrees equably, when crab goes, also do not need to promote the 3rd car the bridge. The driver can change the random in mode to the choice in 6 kinds. Ehq~C/ . }

Brake of pneumatic dish typeCU3g6

New-style Ltm1200-5.1 also is the crane of entire road surface that the whole world uses apply the brake of pneumatic dish type the first times. Compare with current and commonly used brake bosomy type, system of brake of pneumatic dish type is having more exceedingly good character: The automobile body when apply the brake of acute; of effect of apply the brake has apply the brake of good directional stability; dish change periodic longer; and the working hours that changes every time is shorter; every apply the brake dish go up to contain wear away inductor. All these will make your crane uses safer, cost cheaper. L=pV? N~s;#

Optional outfitYZQxWX.w8=

7 in all the principal arm with long 72m carries sheet flexible system can extend oil cylinder automatically to need length to place. Optional outfit the double fold fly jib that the truss type principal arm with two each long 7 M delays make a long arm and 12.2m or 22m grows, make total length increases 3 6 M again. The installation angle of Ltm1200-5.1 fold fly jib is 0 ° , 22.5 ° and 45 ° , the fold fly jib that hydraulic pressure of optional also outfit adjusts, can come in 0 ° take between 45 ° carry stepless luffing. JvqJ, yf
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