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Chinese research and development gives new-style and energy-saving waterproof

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A kind new-styleEnergy-savingWaterproof -- , development of Cz series product develops a success. This product is the white that make up production by a variety of natural ore and high polymer compound and becomes creams state system, be in former " adiabatic and waterproof cream " on product property basis, had further development, improve, make the recipe of the product reached content of science and technology to go up again a higher chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, declared a country to invent patent. This product performance is steady, collect is adiabatic heat preservation, waterproof, AnticorrosiveAt an organic whole, have acid-proof, alkali resistance, be able to bear or endure ageing, high temperature resistant, fight aspic, fight crack, the green environmental protection of a variety of functions such as flame retardant, avirulent, insipidity is energy-saving product. B="#//YA
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Current, the waterproof variety that uses domestic and internationally amounts to hundreds of kinds, but waterproof mechanism has only however, the close-grained sex that is support waterproof oneself lies between water will undertake waterproof, and Cz series product belongs to abhor water waterproof, its add exert oneself strong. Become two film all right after its are aggregate, a film and basic level felt (basic level does not need dry) , another film can decorate material with cement mortar or other effective felt, construction is handy. This product not dissolve at water, after surface layer of the incision that use a knife, water above, immediateness forms small drip, be just as dew to be moved in advanced position of lotus leaf side, boil and go, do not leave any water mark, make sure basic level is leakproof.

In broiling summer, the metope of the building and roofing, via burning sun insolate, make person not dare lay a finger on, and product of feeling Cz series, have cool and refreshing feeling however. It is OK to use this product its superior heat proof quality cuts off high temperature it is besides the building, the difference in temperature that dropped room inside and outside greatly not only (temperature can reduce) of about 5 Celsius, and the wear that protected housing materials goodly, prolong the life of the building. Detect via provincial housing materials central contrast checks test and verify, the function of adiabatic heat preservation of this product is pearlite 7, 8 times. In south mark " adiabatic and waterproof cream waterproof roofing builds construction " use heat insolation of the roofing in recommending atlas is waterproof cream 6, the adiabatic insulation material that 8mm can replace thermal insulation of built on stilts or other. o-rljj.

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