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3 beautiful electric machinery roll out inductor of new-style power source

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3 beautiful electric machinery face the microprocessor that the product such as notebook computer and plane of family expenses sport uses to use Dc-dc converter, exhibited the power inductance that rated electric current amounts to 30a. On devoted quantity is produced before Spring 2006. Inductance is not worth 10 μ H.

This product is versed in in what be equivalent to coil line core word core and the annulus core part that are used at screen magnetic field used iron noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch, is not the ferrite that used in the past. Compare with ferrite photograph, produce magnetism saturation not easily. Additional, to control dc block, used in coil those who call line of a straight angle is banding a line. With normally round line photograph is compared, gap won't produce when pestering a line, because this can reduce dc resistance commonly. Through taking afore-mentioned step, this product fell dc block of old product make an appointment with 1/10, increased rated electric current. 90~0I7? _n

The fittings such as the microprocessor that notebook computer configures, the electric current of drive circuit in recent years bigger and bigger, requirement drive electric current must achieve 20a ~ 30a. In the past, need uses the inductor that the powdery core that be compressed by the particle such as molybdenum and becomes makes normally when electric current greatly. But the inductor that uses powdery core is mixed as a result of online core roll there is space between the line, because this can arise sometimes " Zhi -- " cry. This product is to use line of a straight angle to make coil first, be in again next all round the pink that use iron has take shape of an organic whole, because this can eliminate gap, prevent bee to cry. "? ? ] ! YrB

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