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Er of benefit suddenly sea rolls out new-style telescopic jib annulus type crane

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The new-style telescopic jib that Er of sea of German benefit suddenly plans to produce lifting capacity to be 1000t annulus type crane and 40t shift crane. Er of benefit suddenly sea - director of Werk Ehingen project Dr. Ulrichhamme explains, new-style crane will install 9 axes batholith and 60m to grow principal arm. New model will expand to high end since the Ltm1800 of 800t telescopic jib annulus type crane series.

Of a few Ltm1800 buy the home to add matched fly jib and sell in the market as 1000t crane. This product weighs crane of Er of sea of new-style benefit suddenly 650kg, the experience that is the 9tm type with the closest development comes out for fundamental production. ) RenK~P

Herkules still combined two Malaysia company, company of M S H E R K U L E S Sdn.bhd established in Malaysia south. Plan at the put into production at the beginning of 2006. New company will produce the crane of all sorts of type, the product will be sold toward Malaysia, Indonesia and market of Abuzabi and neighbour, will create agency in Abuzabi. The crane of entire road surface of telescopic jib type of lifting capacity 40t also is in development. T7`k5Qa~

The 2 axes Ltm1030- 2.1 at 35t mixes a heavy ability of 2 axes Ltm1040-2.1 between the 3 axes Ltm1045- 3.1 of 45t. New-style crane will install 35m luffing jib of 4 long, one-cylinder, can adjustable below partial load circumstance. Fly jib of buy of installation 9.5m side can make heavy height amounts to 44m the biggest cases. Those who serve as lesser Ltm1030-2.1 replace a product, new-style Ltm1040-2.1 has relatively Germany: According to German project machine and association of housing materials machine (Vdma) report, german engineering equipment exported the forehead to predict to grow 17% 2005, achieve 7 2 100 million euro (6 9 4) of 100 million yuan of RMBs. The total sales revenue of German manufacturer predicts to amount to 9.7 billion euro, relatively grew 12% 2004. Exit scale from 2 0 0 4 year 7 1 % grows 2005 74% . According to Germany of Chairman Vdma Christof exit jumps the statistic of Dr. Kemmann, the professional work that the mechanical manufacturer of 2/3 weighs them is good satisfactory even. The company of nearly 70% predicts this industry to will maintain 2 0 0 5 at least 2006 year level. Xn=t=iE.5/

The rate that Mr Kemmann expects to exit forehead will press two digit 2006 rises. Predict German construction machinery exported the forehead to grow 15% 2005, amount to 4.7 billion euro, and sale of machinery of abroad housing materials grows 20% , amount to 2.5 billion euro. A crucial factor of stimulative growth is European Union fresh blood national demand, for example, export increased nearly 40% to polish construction machinery sale 2005. Additional, rose abruptly of China to basically export the ground recently, be the same as Europe, Russia and United States is the market with German the mainest industry together. Besides exit the forehead grows, german manufacturer thinks home is very reasonable to the demand of project machine. Sale of machine of home market project will grow 3% 2005, amount to 1.9 billion euro. And construction machinery sale predicts to will drop 5% , total sales is 630 million euro. 53'I^Gg(
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