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60% lukewarm cities surpass province report Bei Si labour seams energy-saving el

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Recently, lukewarm state city develops development independently " Saibeisi " labour seams energy-saving electric machinery to obtain national patent technology. Introduce according to the personage inside course of study, this product can omit report than electric machinery of commonly used separation and reunion 60 % , banner level is in in course of study of domestic person of the same trade.

Wen Zhou surpasses limited company of Bei Si electric machinery to threw new product of many yuan of 200 research and development last year, final work seams energy-saving electric machinery to be born. According to research and development the engineer of this product introduces, energy-saving electric machinery uses microcomputer technology to not have extremely timing, power follows laden size and change, introduce friction piece mechanical stop a machine by cutting off the power, realize electric machinery unifinication truly. And the half that its bulk and weight are clutch electric machinery only. Because of its original adjusting control system and electric machinery structure are designed, this product realizes low noise, low vibration truly, accord with concept of green environmental protection. .0v)9:K

This product from last year since face city, got the skin is provided, the manufacturing business reception such as bag of change of dress, shoe, box. According to Zhejiang company of estate of shoe love Ma feedbacks, press annual 300 days of workaday computation, " Saibeisi " labour seams energy-saving electric machinery, annual but managing 800 degrees of report, 300 energy-saving electric machinery of this company can save next charge of electricity 1 year many yuan 20. W;hb N1
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