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Japanese development goes use briny latent heat to heat up pump

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The researcher development of Japanese Nishikawatsu university goes pump of a kind of new-style heat, the latent heat that uses seawater regards hot pump as systematic heat source, satisfy the requirement of indoor temperature and relative humidity. Current, this hot pump system already rinsed in Japan investment of canal of harbor aquatic animals is used.

This new-style heat pump has air source to heat up the price advantage of pump already, have briny source to heat up the performance dominant position of pump again. This system uses the electric energy that is not peak value time to undertake cooling to seawater. Be in nightly, hot pump moves, collect briny quantity of heat, store next in harbour freezer. What this seawater source heats up pump is energy-saving through the following two tracks will come true: The first, of water pass air of thermal efficiency far outclass; The 2nd, in winter, briny temperature normally temperature of prep above environment, the summer under environmental temperature, such is helpful for that improve the moving efficiency of hot pump. After researcher believes investment of this kind of new-style system that heat up pump moves, as hot as traditional air source pump and fuel system photograph are compared, its run charge to be reduced significantly; The discharge capacity that also believes the greenhouse effect gas such as Co2 additionally wants the hot pump system under other tradition. F{6MNE |

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