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Heavy division of 10 thousand state is new-style roller of PTR26 complete hydrau

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By Xuzhou limited company of heavy-duty and mechanical science and technology draws lessons from 10 thousand state international advanced technique is own the scientific research achievement of research and development---Pneumatic tyred roller of Ptr26 complete hydraulic pressure gets offline smoothly a few days ago.  t}q` 'Sj`8X{X$-
This equipment get rid of puts engine in cab ahead besides traditional roller, the eye shot of cloggy operation personnel, use the design concept of extraordinary, will traditional roller abandons thoroughly, with superior performance, the exterior of natural and graceful gives roller with brand-new explanation. Infinitely variable speeds came true on the function, of drive a vehicle and face of the satisfy the need when jockeying shake concussion small, use wide base tyre, uniformity is good, squeezing ramming level off. Means of drive of complete hydraulic pressure is used on the structure, initiate realizes engine postposition horizontal stroke to put on roller, make operation hand eye shot open, be far from the noise of engine and heat source. Work station is used rotate type, can realize 180 degrees to rotate, 5 positions work, but side direction drives, facing squeezing ramming. Mark matchs air conditioning, the operation is more comfortable. D8_$dM`U(
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The success of this equipment is developed, the mark is worn the technical standard that this group makes in machinery rises to a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position. Current, the person that comes round to seek advice in an endless stream, market prospect is valued. , syp%4`wvF

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