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Song Yinli: Valve product structure is unreasonable earnestly needs to recombine

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The graph is in China for Song Yinli (Wen Zhou) the F]=Vq@hFe1 on forum of strategy of development of pump valve industry

On October 12, be in China (Wen Zhou) on forum of strategy of development of pump valve industry, song Yinli makes a theme make a speech to the problem of the current situation of Chinese valve and existence. N@)n6P_0

China is a mechanical manufacturing industry big country, united States of prep close behind, Japan, Germany, the platoon is in the world the 4th, but from own intellectual property for, china is a weak country, compare industry of for example machine tool in the world backward. Valve is the industry of a base of mechanical industry, at present till, chinese annual produce is in of 5 million above the enterprise has many 1000, annual produce has many 50 in the enterprise of a 100 million above. Total production value of a year is in Chinese valve industry 40 billion yuan or so, exit is in about 80 ~ 9 billion yuan, the valve of the entrance is tall parameter valve, technical content is higher, production value also is in about 80, 9 billion yuan or so, but the valve that our country exports is low end mostly product. The concentration of valve business is spent insufficient, product structure is unreasonable, in low-pressure product overproduction, low goes all out kill, gain is very small, high-pressured valve counts an import mostly. He still thinks, domestic pump valve business management level remains to rise. 9`=hx! / C%d

Want to change this kind of current situation as soon as possible, grow besides enterprise oneself outside the element, effective method passes the combination between the enterprise, annex namely, recombine the capital dilate that will realize an enterprise, enlarge the market to have further thereby rate, in the remain invincible in competition. Want to liberate a thought on this one problem, according to 16 put forward greatly " reform should have new breakthrough, development should have new thinking " the requirement breaks area boundary line, break boundary line of system of ownership, break boundary line of traditional professional division of labor. The possibility that there should be combination only between the enterprise is OK and bold go trying, strive to make an a certain number of production value exceed 500 million with the 3 time that come 5 years and even 1 billion yuan industry group. Qd^(, OVIK,

Character setting: Song Yinli, secretary-general of branch of valve of association of industry of Chinese current machinery, secretary-general of branch of a powerful person. L=ky"i')

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