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China will invest 300 billion yuan to be used at sewage disposal inside 5 years

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Will ● sewage disposal rate rise 60 % @ ? S-2f{=1
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● encourages social fund foreign capital to wait participate in S /{)==V |

From " Wu of water of first China town develops international seminar " on know: China plans to be in did not come 5 years, raise rate of urban sewage disposal 60% , key city if the sewage disposal of city of provincial capital city, scenery travel city, environmental protection key is led will achieve 70% above. For this, china will achieve 300 billion yuan in the investment of sewage disposal respect. ! NN1x wD1&o

It is reported, although " 15 " the program is affirmatory " sewage disposal rate is achieved 45% " the target already was finished one year ahead of schedule, but as economy rapid growth, town changes a level to rise to increase ceaselessly with population, the water environment of Chinese town also is facing very grim challenge: Town water environment pollutes day of beneficial aggravate, by 2004, the city that the whole nation still has half above and foul water of town of great majority organizational system did not pass effective processing, emit into sea of river river lake directly. A(o1`RsEh

Begin from 1999, china invests with what already exceeded water supply respect at the investment of sewage disposal, china has paid attention to water to discharge the improvement of environment of processing, boiler circulation, water more. Arrived 2000 2004, the sewage disposal ability of Chinese city grew 150% . GHWos8Iq~

Chou Baoxing of construction ministry undersecretary is in 31 days " seminar of international of development of Wu of water of first China town " on express, chinese general is used from program of water system all, sewage disposal and second birth, section water, raise take precautions against natural calamities to reduce calamity capacity, introduce 6 respects such as market mechanism, answer the water that is faced with at present actively aggravate of resource scarcity, water pollution and water zoology degrade with each passing day problem of environment waiting for water, exert oneself builds healthy town water environment. RI@" IJ0

According to divulging, "915 " during, increasing a city substantially while sewage disposal invests, china still will encourage all sorts of ownership businesses such as social capital, foreign capital to participate in the construction of establishment of town water supply, sewage disposal and operation, implementation invests main body and property right diversity. Act on fair, open, just principle, pursue concessionary management system, decide through invite public bidding concessionary management principal part. The commonweal sex government such as town drain off water invests the conserve exercise of the project, also will introduce competitive mechanism stage by stage, preferred unit of choice conserve operation. _fqe95~

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