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Business of equipment of 4 domains industry " talk a sword " Chinese Wen Zhou

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Cooperate by economy of international trade of Department of Commerce the unit such as newspaper office of science and technology of company of times of youth of company of evening paper of academy, lukewarm city, Zhejiang, Zhejiang is sponsorred, by Wen Zhou double be filled with foreign trade limited company, Wen Zhou double be filled with exhibition limited company and relevant guild to undertake, treatment of 2005 international metal reachs mechanical equipment Fair, international is plastic reach Fair of rubber industry equipment and international to change industry of labour, polyurethane and equipment Fair to will be mixed on November 27 respectively subtly in Wen Zhou Jintaihui will exhibit a center to be held ceremoniously on December 3! L0NI3]=C@^
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Plastic the ginseng that reachs Fair of rubber industry equipment exhibits limits to involve nicety of the machine that note model, new-style completely dynamoelectric, complete hydraulic pressure to note model machine, hollow the machine that note model, gas assists the machine that note model, water to assist the machine that note model; Plastic extruder, extruder is group, crowded a subsidiary engine, crowded piece blow model hollow forming machine, note model to blow model hollow forming machine, farad blows model hollow forming machine, blow model to add up to modular machine to wait; Machine tool equipment, mould shapes tool of treatment of equipment, metal and mould processing technique, mould. Fair of equipment of industry of careful chemical industry, polyurethane is joined exhibit limits to involve polyurethane raw material, polyurethane industrial agent of divide evenly bubble, solidify agent; Elastomer of foam of insulation material of polyurethane goods, polyurethane, polyurethane, polyurethane; Polyurethane machines machinery, machine of useless bubble second birth and relevant equipment, component; Acridine and intermediate body, paint and coating, dye reachs his the body intermediate; Pump, a powerful person, pipe fitting, equipment of technology of equipment of technology of instrument of analysis of fluid transmission, dry, separate facility, control and testing instrument, lab, environmental protection, safe production. Exhibit always can exhibit dimensions is 8000 square metre / second, set international standard to exhibit in all more than 400 / second, predict visiting number amounts to 60 thousand person / second. 3^@  En-
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Exhibit this meeting and exhibit before the can biggest differring is, sponsor just turn labour and equipment subtly with more professional perspective scanning whole world, polyurethane industry reachs equipment, metallic treatment and machinery equip, plastic reach rubber industry equipment, invite 20 many nations of world and area travelling merchant to come round to visit cloth to exhibit. And first with " green, managing, person this " give priority to a problem, exhibit the requirement of the meeting to ask with green oneself. Establish international technically to purchase aid center, with the metal that will help those calculate market level hard, plastic treatment equipment of mechanical, polyurethane purchases business, solve the because be opposite,mechanical equipment quality and sexual price cause than the miscarriage of justice loss in purchasing; The ginseng that asks to join the place that postpone business to bring exhibits product and field work to won't cause pollution to the environment, send person specially assigned for a task to undertake guard a pass strictly and be supervisoried; Be in ginseng in postponing a process, forbidden inside the assembly room smoking, snack, lose rubbish to wait. Of water and electricity of reasonable arrangement use, accomplish not wasteful a water and for a time report; The discrepancy card of the person that all visitting will reclaim recycle, the proceedings of a conference that postpones meeting site is mixed propagandist book is used can reclaim paper pressworks, and spot of group person specially assigned for a task is swept in time reclaim again, the cleanness that assures whole assembly room is wholesome, avoid to remove the picture of the record of a wolf that after exhibiting, keeps thoroughly. At the same time highway of open up green, sponsor Fang An to discharge personnel to arrive dispersedly in the assembly room, exhibit for ginseng of China and foreign countries business provides accurate interpreter and seasonable and significant information with the person that look around; Return at the appointed time will postpone meeting spectacular event through sponsorring living broadcast of square website video, the traveling trader of China and foreign countries that lets fail to spot cloth is exhibited and look around finishs spot dealing through network video, sufficient body sponsors all these to just postpone business and the humanitarian consideration of the person that look around to joining now. (Wang Hailong) XAYSuTLL(
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