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Jin Shan is versed in: The current situation of town drainage system and program

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New technology of seminar of international of strategy of development of Wu of water of first China town and water treatment and equipment exposition divide forum the healthy loop forum of fountainhead of tradition of 5 water, blame and water system all on October 31, 2005 in the morning 8: 30 to on October 31 morning 12: 35, in center of Beijing international conference auditoria of 2 6-7 is held. Courtyard professor Long Tengrui holds the post of construction of town of college of Liu Zhiqi of secretary-general of association of Chinese town water supply, Chongqing and environmental engineering moderator. F@W YIhf

Northwest of Chinese municipal project designs an academy to always be versed in formerly, labour of be apt to of gold of professor class senior engineer attended the meeting, did a theme to be " the current situation of town drainage system and program " report. ;_)^^ | D G

Feed pipe of bureau of public utility of Chen Jining of professor of science of environment of Zhang Jie of academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Tsinghua university and engineering department head, Singapore Hai Deneng of Chong Hou Chun of net department head, United States / Japanese day east Xu Ping of electrical engineering doctor, , the healthy loop issue that discusses fountainhead of tradition of town section water, blame and water system interconnected system jointly. The topic for discussion includes: DlfuIe)/R €
Policy of ● section water and code X XQ? X{
 ? =DTa_
Strategy of water of ● abroad section and practice experience ~p! ELXf=p
6i5x4 $bve
The protection of all of ● water system and use KVw#Ec7w
? "f}I PyG
● is not traditional fountainhead (sewage second birth uses rainwater, city with seawater) use *kcan m8'
A:D0 .  , T
Improvement of quality of environment of water of ● city landscape and zoology protection technology - (Af~ ? #GY
@p (=ASa&`
=A-K #t

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