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Weiliya ThierryDormoy is new-style sewage disposal technology

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New technology of seminar of international of strategy of development of Wu of water of first China town and water treatment and equipment exposition divide forum technology of 6 town sewage disposal and establishment construction forum on October 31, 2005 in the morning 8: 30, in three-layer of center of Beijing international conference 11-12 auditoria is held. Forum by construction ministry science and technology is managed vice director Chen Yiming, zhukaidong of assistant dean of academy of China north design teachs Chinese municipal project to be chaired jointly.

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Weiliya senior expert Mr Thierry Dormoy became limited company of Asia of water Wu group the theme is " technology of new-style sewage disposal " speech, meantime Thierry Dormoy told Weiliya the sewage disposal technology of water Wu / compact model craft, the technological process that the mud of sewage disposal technology of water Wu handles Weiliya, made detailed introduction to this. =]xP €_ | M

Wang Li of Harbin Institute of Technology's associate professor, shanghai municipal project designs Zhang Chen of academy chief engineer, beijing municipal project designs Zhang Yun of assistant dean of research total courtyard, inc. of poineering environmental protection of Yang Xiangping of general manager of Beijing catchment group and Tianjin is advanced expert Deng Biao, Weiliya limited company of Asia of water Wu group is senior expert Thierry Dormoy, national introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Jiang Yong of research center vice director of Singapore university water the theme will be done to send on forum, discuss town foul water, mud to handle technology and establishment construction issue jointly. 1U;L S%FZ%LqMc[B; | 3
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The conference invited Wu of scholar of official of domestic and international government, expert, water and environmental protection professional to make thematic speech and special subject chair; The corresponding period is held commend new technology of prize-giving ceremony of water of the 2nd batch of sections city and water treatment and equipment exposition. ? P@xSMy4M
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This the seminar is divided in all for 9 big forum, it is respectively: Reform of Wu of Chinese town water and development strategy forum; Safety of town water supply ensures as academic as the canal platform; Take precautions against natural calamities of all of urban water system decreases calamity forum; Japanese conduit manage, new technology reachs Sino-Japanese collaboration seminar; The healthy loop forum of fountainhead of tradition of section water, blame and water system all; Technology of town sewage disposal and establishment build forum; Design of program of urban water landscape and construction forum; Water and liquid waste ultraviolet ray disinfect technical seminar; Congress is integrated forum. YLfR];3}
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