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Long Tengrui: Technology of sewage disposal of Chinese a wide place in the road

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New technology of seminar of international of strategy of development of Wu of water of first China town and water treatment and equipment exposition divide forum technology of 6 town sewage disposal and establishment construction forum on October 31, 2005 in the morning 8: 30, in three-layer of center of Beijing international conference 11-12 auditoria is held. Forum by construction ministry science and technology is managed vice director Chen Yiming, zhukaidong of assistant dean of academy of China north design teachs Chinese municipal project to be chaired jointly. IQ8BnODQ=LM84YY "

Construction of Chongqing college town and environmental project prexy, dragon of doctoral student adviser vacates acute professor, attended the meeting and " technology of sewage disposal of Chinese a wide place in the road and management " made a report for the theme. U €W $8s~ "

Long Tengrui taught existent to sewage disposal of our country a wide place in the road problem to make the introduction: €A D_ ? G"a

1, old the city zone transforms difficult MbV5YD5% PW

Old the city zone is general population is concentrated, the construction is tight, when transforming, need to tear open change in great quantities, widen road, project last a period of time is long, cost big _p2y7 

2, tubal net does not perfect a phenomenon serious still; WB P`TG =

Although the cut of sewage treatment plant corrupt trunk web already did good works, but do not perfect as a result of diode net, processing plant handles ability actually still short of devises scale. V'[=

3, billabong is made in accomplish complete billabong very hard; ;p =p(

Pipeline of A, water and sewage conduit are mixed receive, chaos is received or the fault is received, LP*C_NL*]S^

The pipeline of Xiang Yu water such as course of study of B, certain business, meal is optional blowdown; / @z&g6

C, municipal conduit is not perfected or lag, the water pipeline that causes billabong to make a village can receive municipal sewage conduit only; 7xX W:Nv

4, major sewage treatment plant can amount to mark to discharge, but general need government gives finance support. r%Owt4

Final dragon professor did summary, he is built, union gets size of area of accept water annulus, establish more scientific pollutant discharge standard. 7)[dB1[3u

To the environment look generous accepts accept water put oneself in another's position, below the premise that its environment size determines in scientific research and assures function of water annulus condition, reasonable use environmental capacity, achieve protect water system already the purpose of economic processing sewage. [d ! K5H

qUx! ^~h

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