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Congress of insider of industry of valve of the 5th whole nation will be held

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For summary " 15 " during the result that obtains in development of industry of our country valve, search the inadequacy of existence, guide industry health to develop steadily, discuss edit valve industry " 915 " development program, hand-in-hand travel board reelects, change hair entrant card (bronze medal) etc, thing of assistant manager of countrywide a powerful person grows office conference to study a decision, will on November 19, 2005 ~21 day is held in Fujian Xiamen " congress of insider of industry of valve of the 5th whole nation " . 6DOj[] DM'qEa9=Kxe

This the conference is industry of our country valve nearly 5 years grand meeting with come the most important, a powerful person assist requirement all the member that member unit must be sent attends, in all business valve industry grows a major programme of lasting importance. VG! Gu( X2

The meeting topic for discussion of current mass rally includes:

1, mechanical Joint Industry Conference and national hair change appoint concerned leader brethren " 915 " during situation of demand of market of our country valve;

2, existing state of affairs of development of industry of valve of bulletin our country and henceforth 5~10 year valve industry develops a program;

3, summary valve guild works, research is appointed guide the industry health development, significant step that decrease and avoids malign competition;

4, edit association regulations, thing of assistant manager of reelecting a powerful person is met;

5, change hair entrant card (bronze medal) , old membership card becomes invalid.

Conference time and place are as follows:

Program arrangement: Round-the-clock on November 18, 2005 report for duty, 19, 20 days attend a meeting, 21 days of return.

Meeting site: Xiamen grand old hotel (Xiamen city egret continent road 201) OiL? FVf

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