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Green passageway attracts major to buy the home

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Buy the home to understand thirteenth for convenient major exhibition of pattern of Chinese machine tool, industry and plastic industry and raw material exhibition (China Equipment 2006) information, this year in October, organizing committee and professional corporation cooperation opened a net to go up to register a system beforehand ( is clicked look around freely to be registered beforehand) . ? )A2)H;
According to organizing committee statistic: End in November the middle ten days of a month, major is registered to buy the home to had reached 500 people beforehand on the net, basically come from steam rub match, the industry such as pump valve, electric equipment, hardware. The major that registers beforehand on the net buys the home to will be in concern the information that postpones plan originally for a short while. The organizing committee still expresses: In the conduct propaganda that extends meeting later period, will exhibit dispatch, phone to invite those who wait for a variety of means to increase pair of major to buy the home further to invite strength through mailing. .ndEkzB" !

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