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Exhibit a house newly to open new phase

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This year October, lukewarm city international exhibition center 2 period the investment of new house is used, to Wen Zhou's exhibition the industry is told, it is good news of one major interest undoubtedly, be told especially to exhibition of exhibition of pattern of Chinese machine tool, industry and plastic industry and raw material, broke through the thirteenth that exhibit a house exhibition of pattern of Chinese machine tool, industry and plastic industry and raw material exhibition (China Equipment 2006) also become the first when held in new house 2006 to exhibit meeting. =#`W;Ks=

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Exhibit book a situation satisfactory. China Equipment 2006 on next year on March 3 - in Wen Zhou 5 days the international exhibition center kicks off. Current author understands from the organizing committee: End in November the middle ten days of a month, exhibit had gone out surely beforehand 500 many, among them area of machine tool, tool decides nearly 400 beforehand, plastic area was booked 100 many, so fervent circumstance is booked before exhibiting going to exhibit had not appeared in the meeting, the organizing committee saw such phasic happy event go up tip of the brow.  G87ZF^y

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Old client " appetite " greaten. Previous term or session exhibits can good ginseng to exhibit the effect to make join exhibit client savor benefit, international exhibition center of lukewarm this year city 2 period the investment of new house is used overcame in former years again outdoor those who build bitter fleabane be short of regret, so numerous ginseng postpones a business especially international brand (Ajixiamier, fight Shan Dayu, sanded Dick, Taiwan hero of day of gram of Li Wei, campstool, sea, shake) contend for this year, preparation promotes image of brand, tree. C_cOP

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Form a delegation ginseng exhibit show scale. End so far, already 10 thousand is connect, wait general, big grand, newlier exhibit a group to attend certainly exhibition. These a few exhibit a group to show concentration the country of a representative well-known brand product, for instance " friendly beautiful of bright essence of machine tool of Shenyang machine tool, Dalian machine tool, Hangzhou milling machine, Lu Na, Han Chuan machine tool, treasure chicken machine tool, Shanghai, Taiwan is waited a moment. WyH7L . ;V}

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Install especially reveal advocate dozen. Entering exhibition is to must be in not just exhibit sell on the meeting go out how many machine, establish brand image, accumulating intangible assets for the enterprise also is a when the enterprise enters exhibition main purpose. The investment that exhibits a house newly is used, to ginseng exhibit a client to do install especially offer external condition, so the ginseng this year exhibits a client to choose to appear with fitting image especially for the most part. Z$X^ ? @f)wT

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Carrying is a problem no longer. Go to a ginseng the item on display with the strongest report that postpone business carries a problem, also will get be settlemented thoroughly this year. Exhibit a house newly to have 3 6 meters tall, 8 meters wide carriage door, this brings huge to go to the lavatory to the carriage of item on display. G)M6, w$(X
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