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Interactive conduct propaganda invites you to participate in

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Thirteenth exhibition of pattern of Chinese machine tool, industry will on March 3, 2006 - be in 5 days, Wen Zhou international exhibition center is held. At present conduct propaganda popularizes the job to had spread out in the round. Exhibit for the better ginseng that increases a business benefit and enlarge thirteenth further the consequence of exhibition of pattern of Chinese machine tool, industry, the organizing committee still thinks with ginseng exhibit company cooperation to do exhibit the conduct propaganda of the meeting to popularize the job, through with join the form that extends link of enterprise website crossing-over to undertake popularizing, rose to exhibit on one hand so of the meeting famous degree, can give more on the other hand ginseng exhibit an enterprise to suck draw more cause clients, greeting ginseng exhibits an enterprise to sign up eagerly participate in! Contact phone: 0577-88842436.

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